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Vespa Crabro; Classification, Keynotes, Guiding Symptoms

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   VESPA CRABRO Vespa crabro has skin and female symptoms marked. Indurated feeling. Vasomotor symptoms of skin and mucous membranes. Dizzy, better lying on the back. Fainting. numbness and blindness. nausea and vomiting followed by creeping chills from feet upwards. cramping pains in Bowles. axillary glands swollen Introduction of Vespa crabro  Hornets are the largest ….  Read More

apis meliifica effects

Apis Mellifica; Classification,Keynotes,Guiding Symptoms

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APIS MELLIFICA Apis mellifica acts on cellular tissues causing edema of the skin and mucous membrane .swelling and puffiness of various parts, edema, red rose hue, stinging pains, soreness, intolerance of heat, and slightest touch, and afternoon aggravation are some of the general guiding symptoms. Introduction of APIS MELLIFICA The Western honey bee or European ….  Read More

aranea diadema constitution

Aranea Diadema; Classification,Keynotes,Modalities

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   ARANEA DIADEMA All symptoms of ARANEA DIADEMA are characterized by periodicity and coldness, and great susceptibility to dampness You may also like Peptic Ulcer: Types, Symptoms, Diagnostic tests and Treatment COMMON NAME OF ARANEA DIADEMA Papal cross spider, European garden spider, diadem spider. Classification of Aranea Diadema  Kingdom Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Arachnida Order: Araneae ….  Read More

hemodynamic disorders

Hemodynamic Disorders: Pathology, Shock and Thrombosis

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HEMODYNAMIC DISORDERS Before discussing the hemodynamic disorders we must know “Hemostasis”. Hemostasis is defined as the capacity of living organisms to maintain vascular wall integrity as well as to maintain intra vascular pressure & osmolarity within physiologic ranges. When any injurious stimulus crosses over the limits of Hemostasis then the Hemodynamic disorders took place which ….  Read More

coronavirus spread

Coronavirus Outbreak , Prevention and Risks

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Coronavirus Coronavirus is a huge family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. It is a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. A novel coronavirus is a fresh strain that has not been earlier recognized in the human being. Coronavirus is zoonotic that means “they ….  Read More


What is Human Resource Management and its Importance

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Human Resource Management (HRM) Definition of  Human Resource Management ( HRM): The process of planning, organizing, directing (motivating) and controlling the procurement, development, and compensation of organizational human resources so that organizational, individual and societal needs are satisfied is called Human Resource Management (HRM). Human Resource Management includes all activities used to attract & retain ….  Read More

pharmacy operations

Pharmacy Operations-Purchasing, Supply, and Records

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PHARMACY OPERATIONS: Pharmacy operations are the processes by which people, capital, and materials (inputs) are combined to produce the services and goods consumed by the public (outputs). INPUTS are resources such as personnel, capital, equipment, Information & technology. OUTPUTS include The actual delivery of required goods and services PURCHASING METHODS OF PHARMACY OPERATIONS: Direct purchase from ….  Read More