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Developmental Care and Kangaroo Care In NICU

Developmental care and Kangaroo care in the NICU

Exceptional care for sick and preterm babies

In NICU, the developments in the care of sick and preterm babies consist of new technology and medication. There are managements that emphasis on the different sensitive and developmental needs of these babies.

However, many babies in the neonatal intensive care unit face many tests, measures, noises, and lights. This is quite a different scenario from the warm, dark, relaxation of the womb of the mother.

The premature baby needs exceptional care to help them carry on to become developed and grow as they would in the womb of their mother.

Developmental care

The developmental care is performed in many NICUs to meet the special needs of the babies. This care includes many characteristics such as:

  • Meeting the comfort need of all babies in the NICU.
  • Helping all the babies to feel secure and protected.
  • Helping all the babies in developing the normal pattern of sleep.
  • Lessening the stimulation from noise, lights, or procedures.

Benefits of developmental care in INCU

There are multiple benefits for babies, particularly for premature babies. These include:

  • Shorter stays in the hospital.
  • Less complications.
  • Help in gaining better weight.
  • Help in better feeding.
  • Heightened parent and infant bonding.
Developmental care in NICU includes:
  • Changing of the surrounding of the baby in order to provide with the normal day or night cycles and decreases the noises and stress issues.
  • Use of the cushions to support the baby and keep the arms and legs of the baby in a good position to help with growth and ease.
  • Using of cues from the baby to design care at times when the child awakes and minimum stressed rather than troubling sleep or doing measures when the baby is at a great anxiety level.

kangaroo care

Kangaroo care is a practice that is initially performed in 1970 in Colombia. However, now It has been used globally. This is because it is very obliging for preterm babies.

The meaning of “Kangaroo care” is to holding a NICU new-born baby skin-to-skin and against the chest of the parents particularly the mother.

The preterm and sick babies who have this interaction seem to relax and become gratified.

However, the kangaroo care has many health-related benefits. These include:

  • Higher blood oxygen levels.
  • Better sleep of the child.
  • Better breastfeeding.
  • More gain of weight.
  • Kangaroo care also helps the parents to feel more close to their newly born baby. This is important in giving confidence to the parents in their capability to meet the needs of their baby.
  • However, those mothers who use kangaroo care also be likely to make more breast milk. Because any of these effects in parents and babies are because of skin-to-skin contact surges the levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that certainly causes milk release. It also causes feelings of assistance and association.

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